VersionWB is a replacement for the usual c:version command, which uses XfdMaster.library if it's available. If you want the version information to be presented in a requester, this program is for you. Instead of like c:version just tell the version and revision number by default, VersionWB always tells you all it could find.

VersionWB have these features:

  • It will bring up a requester with the version information. 
  • It support several files in the command line parameter template. 
  • You can shift-doubleclick an icon with VersionWB and then get all that version stuff. 
  • You may also pick the file you want to know the version number of by using a file requester. 
  • It will find version strings in WB1.3 libraries and devices, c:version does not, e.g. narrator.device. 
  • If you use it with ToolManager you can have an appicon in your Workbench. Drop the icon on the appicon, and the version information will be presented (if the file contains a version string :-) 
  • It also has an optional text output. 
  • It recognizes any packed file (uses xfdmaster.library). 
  • All other features of AmigaDos Version, as far as I know 8-), except for the bugs :) 
  • Can be opened on a publicscreen. 
  • Can set the filenote of files to there versioninfo. 
  • Can set the filedate to the one found in the version string 
  • Finds files in your shell-path

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