AmiComSys is the current server name. (Located in Sweden)

AmiComSys or Amiga Communicator System is an Internet application for the Amiga OS. If you are not an Amigan you may see who is online and send messages on this home page.

Lonely days on the net is a thing of the past. With AmiComSys you always will have company while you are surfing.

AmiComSys is an AMarquee client program which you use to communicate with other people on a tcp/ip-net - e.g Internet. At the same time it make it easier to find people's IP-addresses, for use with for example Internet gaming, and homepages.

You can see if your Amiga buddies are online, or why not find new friends?

Instant messages can be exchanged with the people online. These messages pops up on the screen.

You can also send files to your friends, with the SendFile feature.

If you prefer to chat privately with one or more of your friends, the PChat feature allows realtime chat.

So you can keep track of your friends AmiComSys also includes a friends book, where you can enter name, email and comments. The Friends book is also used with the feature which allows you to hide people, that are not your friends, but is logged in to the server. If you don't want to hide the others, you can configure the program to simply highlight your friends in the client list.

The HotLine feature is a public chat line that allows anyone who wishes to engage in a group chat.

The graphical interface is fully configurable like every other MUI (Magic User Interface) program.

AmiComSys v.2.4 has these features:

  • Send text messages.
  • Shows a client list with all people logged in.
  • Send WEB- or Chat-requests. i.e homepage addresses and IRC-channels
  • A message history buffer, which saves all the received messages.
  • Auto saving of the history buffer.
  • Logging
  • A versatile ARexx interface
  • File transfer
  • Advertise your home page, ftp-site, irc-server and ICQ #.
  • Hotline, i.e the public chat room.
  • Private chat with photos
  • A Friends book.
  • Show all, highlight friends, or show only friends.
  • Ignore in HotLine, Client-List and Messaging.
  • Configurable GUI with toolbars.
  • Sounds.
  • Plugin API.
  • Compatibility with Firewalls and Internet sharing

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