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T3ED v. 0.07 preview 1 Files to download
Author: Denis Auroux
Description: The best track editor you can find.
T3ED - ZIP-archive (130k)
NFS Wizard v. Files to download 
Author: Jesper J-M
Description: This is a great tool. With it you can export and import near all NFS files. A great tool if you want to do a car.
NFS Wizard - exe file (1.02Mb)


CarCad v.1.5 beta Files to download
Author: Chris Barnard
Description: This program is very good.
You can do your own cars with it and it has many great features. It is a must download.
CarCad v.1.5 beta - ZIP-archive (421k)
You also need some DLLs
DLLs - ZIP-archive (786k)
T3ED - v. 0.06-H-1e Files to download
Author: Denis Auroux modified by Hoo
Description: This is the only track editor for NFS and it's great. It's based on T3ED Version 0.06 by Denis Auroux but Hoo added some nice features. Download it today.
T3ED - ZIP-archive (130k)


GAP Files to download
Author: ?
Description: This tool is so great. With it you can play all sounds in Need For Speed and other games. It is very great. it is a must download.
GAP - ZIP-archive (594k)
Car Manager v.1.1 Files to download
Author: Arushan
Description: This great tool can install your cars and remove them very easy. It also have a solution for the car limit. 
Car Manager - exe file (2Mb)
Bug Fix - ZIP-archive (73k)
Cartool Files to download
Author: Electronic Arts
Description: This is a car editor from EA. It's for NFS 3 but you can convert the fce file with the fce-converter. 
Cartool - ZIP-archive (2.2Mb)

You also need this files:
Tga2Art - ZIP-archive (9k)
Fce Converter - ZIP-archive (201k) 

Cheat Enabler Files to download
Author: James Smith
Description: Enable you to use cheats in NFS 4.
Cheat Enabler - ZIP-archive (3k)
CAR3TO4 Files to download
Author: Jürg Billeter
Description: This tool convert whole NFS 3 car.viv to NFS 4 car.viv so you can drive NFS 3 cars in NFS 4.
CAR3TO4 - ZIP-archive (89k)


Serial number list Files to download
Author: Jesper J-M
Description: This tool list all serial numbers
for all cars that you have installed. 
Serial number list - ZIP-archive (198k)
Total Patch v.2.0 Files to download
Author: R.F.Bisschop
Description: Total Patch enable all cars and track. It do so you can drive Ferrari in Hot Pursuit and a lot more... 
Total Patch - ZIP-archive (324k)