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March Roster Files to download Updated
Author: EA Sports
Description: This is a great roster. It update all changes before March 19th. A must Download.
Roster Update - exe file (369kb)


Patch v.1.03 Files to download
Author: EA Sports
Fixes in v.1.03: 
  • Fixed the problem where if you were using a peer to peer connection, one of the teams could not change any team options like calling a timeout or pulling their goalie.
  • Fixed the problem where the strategy names inside the pause menu were not the same as the ones in the front end. 
  • Fixed the continous desync loop in online games that would occur sometimes if you big hitoff the faceoff. 
  • Fixed the Windows 2000 crash when you tried to create a season. 
  • Fixed a problem with a created player in a Season, where assigning him to a team, and then reassigning him to waivers would cause the Today in EA Sports Trades screen to crash.
Patch - exe file (3.34Mb)


NHL 2001 Demo Files to download
Author: EA Sports
Description: Play NHL 2001 with Dallas Stars and New Jersey. See all the new things in NHL 2001. This is worth a download.
NHL 2001 Demo - exe file (49.54Mb)